About Us


About Us

Al Mashreq Eye Center is a leading eye care facility located at the heart of Cairo. “Al Mashreq” is Arabic for sunrise, which represents our center’s vision in leading eyecare services in the region, and represents sunlight which is associated with clear vision, reflecting our patient- and vision-centered approach to healthcare.


Our Vision

Al Mashreq Eye Center sets out to distinguish itself from other eyecare facilities by our comprehensive eyecare approach, which not only includes standard eyecare services but rare and focused ophthalmological subspecialities, optometric services, and social integration as well.


Our Mission

Seeking the provision of the most recent and most useful eyecare services to our patients and building trust with our community.

Al Mashreq Eyes is one of the largest medical and scientific edifices in Egypt and the Middle East It aims to provide a high-quality medical service with our commitment to providing everything new in the field of ophthalmology. Al-Mashreq Eyes also has continuous generations of specialists and consultants in various fields of ophthalmology and surgery, each working in his specialty with the presence of an integrated medical team.

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