Our Policies

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Our Policies

Introducing the most specialized eye care services, including rare subspecialties

We provide the required financial and logistical support for highly specialized consultants to introduce new eyecare services through our center which are otherwise rare to be found in the region. Examples include eyecare for the premature, pediatric surgical retina, ocular oncology, and ophthalmic genetics - a first of its kind service in the region. Furthermore, we provide social and psychological services for our patients.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Al Mashreq Eye Center set out from the start to provide evidence-based eyecare through adopting policies that measure the quality of the provided services and customers’ satisfaction. The center is also a highly contributing scientific and research facilities and hosts several scientific meetings, workshops, webinars, and training courses throughout the year.
Our staff are trained in the latest quality recommendations and are continuously receiving feedback and guidance for improvement of our services.

Ensuring Ethical Standards

We adopt a zero-tolerance policy to any violation of local or international medical ethics standards.

Community Integration

We realize our responsibility towards our surrounding community and environment. Despite being a private facility, Al Mashreq Eye Center commits to provide charitable contributions by organizing eyecare caravans to areas in need, charitable medical treatment, and free surgical interventions to those who could not afford. All charitable contributions are ensured the highest quality standards to be exactly identical to our privately provided services.